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eCopy Technical Certification

This course covers the installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and use of eCopy ShareScan and eCopy PaperWorks and allows a technician to become an Authorized eCopy technician. The course starts with an overview of eCopy and eCopy products and quickly moves into hands-on training. Classes are held in our Burlington, MA Headquarters and in our London office or at dealer sites as requested.


Networking certification (Microsoft, Novell, or equivalent experience)
Software installation experience
In-depth MFP setup experience

Schedule of Upcoming Classes

Burlington, MA:
January 18–19, 2011
March 16–17, 2011
May 18–19, 2011
July 20–21, 2011
September 21–22, 2011
November 16–17, 2011

European office:
February 16–17, 2011
April 20–21, 2011
June 22–23, 2011
August 24–25, 2011
October 26–27, 2011
December 14–15, 2011

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eCopy Technical Certification

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