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eCopy Training

eCopy Software Developer Kit (SDK) Training

This 2-day intensive course is designed for members of the eCopy eCAP program. This course covers the use of the eCopy SDK to create connectors to ShareScan. The course walks the students through the creation of sample connectors and explores the full capability of the eCopy ShareScan and eCopy PaperWorks SDK. At the end of the course, the students will be prepared to create, test, and deploy connectors.


  • Basic knowledge of COM objects
  • General understanding of Windows APIs
  • General understanding of client-server architecture concepts
  • General understanding of event-driven programming concepts
  • General understanding of ATL and WTL concepts
  • General understanding of XML concepts
  • Detailed knowledge of C++ and/or C# and Dot.Net
  • Detailed knowledge of APIs and services presented by the back-end application
  • Visual Studio environment on laptop (if you wish to work along with the instructor)

For more information on the eCopy Connector Alliance Program, click here.

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eCopy Software Developer Kit Training

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