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Transition to ICD-10

Transition to ICD-10

Nuance Healthcare is the leader in clinical data understanding, holding over 4,000 patents and patent applications, with a team of more than 200 speech scientists and researchers who continuously drive innovation. We maintain one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive libraries of speech data and medical ontology; our Clinical Language Understanding solutions leverage more than 1 million concepts and over 7 million combined medical facts. 

Clintegrity 360 | CAPD helps physicians document the details required for reimbursement and reporting, while continuing to use narrative dictation in their preferred workflow. 

Growing demand for structured data

Dragon Medical 360 | QualityAnalytics, a clinical data extraction solution, takes unstructured, narrative-based physician documentation and converts it—instantly and in real time—into actionable, discrete data needed to enhance patient care, address operational efficiencies, and improve financial outcomes while streamlining workflow in real-time. 

Clinical coding and documentation solutions: We understand that you need innovative and intuitive solutions that address your current and future challenges. Our clinical coding, abstracting, ICD-10 and documentation improvement solutions and services will deliver improved quality and HIM performance to help mitigate the risk of impending ICD-10 productivity losses while increasing efficiencies across the enterprise.


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