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Nuance Integrated Documentation Services

Nuance Integrated Documentation Services

Nuance Med Images is a stand-alone system that interfaces with all video camera products and that offers substantial advantages over existing industry standards for diagnostic and operative reports. The overall level of quality and the integration of high quality images into final operative reports exceed all other documentation methods currently available. No significant process changes are required of the attending physician to achieve superior post-operative reports, improved patient care and high quality, image-based documentation. Physicians and their patients benefit through:

  • Maximum physician support
  • Patient education
  • Improved patient care
  • Improved record keeping
  • Administrative cost savings
  • Potential for revenue enhancements
  • Enhanced risk assurance protection
  • Improved turnaround times

Upon viewing an image that is useful in documentation of the diagnosis or surgical remediation, the physician can capture as many images as are desirable and defer final selection until the conclusion of the procedure.

At the conclusion of the procedure, the physician can examine multiple or single enlarged images and then select images that demonstrate significant pathology, normal findings and the remedy employed. The physician retains total control of the images used in the final report. Unlike conventional documentation processes, which may occur days following a procedure, the physician is able to complete the procedure documentation immediately.


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