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Digital Voice Capture


Digital Voice Capture

The eScription voice capture system digitally records clinicians' dictations and optimizes the audio for computer aided medical transcription (CAMT). Clinicians dictate over the telephone or through a digital recording device, and can take advantage of a variety of features that streamline the dictation and transcription workflow. With eScription voice capture, unlike other voice capture systems, the process of capturing audio dictations is completely separated from the process of assigning work to medical transcriptionists (MTs). 

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  • Customizable prompts and keypad settings can be created for specific departments, individuals or work types.
  • Clinicians have extensive voice editing capabilities.
  • Uses a decentralized approach that separates dictation capture from the process of assigning work to MTs.
  • Clinicians needing immediate patient information can phone into the system and obtain secure access to dictations using a MRN or account number though a secure listen line.
  • An administrative broadcast message allows a recorded message to be played to all dictating clinicians.
  • Features an Emergency Transcription System that enables healthcare organizations to continue transcribing documents during scheduled downtimes or unscheduled network outages.


Dictation Interface

With eScription voice capture, clinicians have access to a powerful array of keypad controls that allow them to conveniently record, review, and edit dictations by medical record, account, or job number. eScription voice capture provides extensive voice editing capabilities enabling clinicians to revise their dictations while they are recording, or suspend dictations for completion at a later time. They can also recall and modify their most recent dictation. eScription voice capture enables healthcare organizations to configure their own telephone prompts and keypad commands, easing the transition for clinicians. Controls can be tailored to specific departments, work types, or individuals, and can also emulate previously-installed systems.

Multiple Modality Dictation

Increasingly, clinicians are using hand-held digital recording devices for medical dictation. eScription voice capture enables clinicians to use these devices, as well as telephones for dictating. When a digital device is being used, the audio can be sent directly to the transcription system. It does not need to go through a centralized dictation server.

Support for Multi-Entity Environments

eScription voice capture utilizes a de-centralized approach that separates dictation capture from the process of assigning work to MTs. Copies of the audio are kept in two places, at the customer site and at the secure eScription hosting facility. eScription voice capture is well suited for multi-entity organizations, as there can be multiple, independent voice capture servers at different locations in order to reduce telephony charges, and multiple modalities in use that each feed the transcription system. A single pool of MTs -- or one or more MTSOs -- can access voice recordings obtained at all hospital locations through the eScription transcription tools. From the standpoint of the administrator, a single dictionary of clinician identification numbers can be maintained across the multiple entities.

Redundancy for Failover

All eScription customer sites are configured with at least two redundant voice capture servers in order to avoid disruption in the event of a hardware failure. Because clinicians can call into any eScription voice capture server, reliability is enhanced. Further, recent audio dictations are stored both locally and at the eScription hosting facility, additional reliability is obtained, because the audio can be accessed from either site.

Streamlined Administration

Administrators update and maintain eScription voice capture user accounts through the same administrative tool used for all eScription products, eliminating replicated data and reducing errors. An Administrative Broadcast Message feature lets managers quickly create and post important recorded announcements that clinicians will be sure to hear when they call in to dictate.

Emergency Transcription System

eScription voice capture features an Emergency Transcription System that enables healthcare organizations to continue transcribing documents when a scheduled downtime or network outage interrupts the CAMT process. Each eScription voice capture server has a local administrative console that lets administrators manually queue and distribute dictations to be transcribed with Microsoft® Word until connectivity is restored and the normal speech recognition and editing process is resumed.

Secure Listen Line

Clinicians needing immediate patient information can phone into their voice capture server and obtain secure access to dictations using an MRN or account number. eScription voice capture uses passwords and audit trails to protect patient information from unauthorized use. Administrators use the administrative console to set clinician passwords for Listen Line access, and every time a dictation is retrieved, an audit trail is generated.

Digital Voice Capture

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