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Enterprise Turbo Speech

Dictaphone Enterprise Speech System

Enterprise Turbo Speech

Enterprise Turbo Speech is the background speech recognition component of the Dictaphone Enterprise Speech System that enables highly productive speech-assisted transcription.

Dictaphone Enterprise Speech System is for hospitals, medical centers, and clinics that require an enterprise-wide, speech- enabled dictation/transcription system with full operational controls and system flexibility. System scalability, a wide-range of dictation options, and advanced workflows ensure a customized solution that meets evolving clinical documentation requirements.

Enterprise Turbo Speech leverages the automated dictation and documentation workflow functionality of the Dictaphone Enterprise Speech System to maximize technology investments. Enterprise Turbo Speech technology ramp-up and adoption is rapid to ensure healthcare facilities realize savings quickly. Most healthcare facilities realize dramatic productivity increases in less than two months from go-live, with 75%-95% of their transcription processed with speech.

Enterprise Turbo Speech minimizes technology adoption risks because clinicians do not have to change their dictation methods. Physicians can dictate with a variety of devices that best match clinical workflow and documentation needs. Dictation options include telephone, dictation stations, PC- based digital recorders and wireless PDAs.

Physicians dictate as they normally do, while speech recognition technology translates their dictations into highly accurate, formatted draft documents for transcription. The speech technology constantly monitors transcription edits to documents and provides feedback to the speech engine for continuous accuracy and formatting improvements.

With Enterprise Turbo Speech, transcriptionists no longer need to type dictations from scratch. Instead, they review and edit highly accurate, formatted draft documents transcribed by speech recognition while listening to the dictations. Proprietary language models and custom post-processing capabilities optimize recognition accuracy for all medical specialties.

Smart ReWrite™, a proprietary technology from Nuance Healthcare, learns the structure and style of each physician’s documents and automatically corrects grammar mistakes, handles rephrasing, customizes formatting and learns new medical terminology. Smart ReWrite provides automated formatting features, which help properly structure and organize documents prior to transcription. These include:

  • Auto-punctuation—applies proper punctuation to draft documents whether explicitly or implicitly stated within the dictation.
  • Auto-section headings—applies the proper formatted section headings to each document worktype for each physician
Enterprise Turbo Speech

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