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Dragon Medical EHR Certification Program

Program Goal and Benefits

The goal of the Dragon Medical EHR Certification Program is to optimize the provider EHR experience by ensuring seamless compatibility between EHRs and Dragon Medical, the world’s leading front-end speech recognition solution. All EHR vendors can benefit from the Dragon Medical EHR Certification Program by giving providers the best EHR experience possible. Whether you’re an EHR vendor with thousands of providers or a small-to-mid size vendor looking to gain a competitive edge, this program is for you.

How the Certification Program Works

Nuance Healthcare will “certify” EHR vendors through a two-phase program, backed by consulting from Nuance engineers to ensure seamless interoperability between Dragon Medical and EHRs. Please see the program guide for more details on program requirements and entitlements.

Get Started Now with the Self-Evaluation!

For each EHR/EMR version you’d like to certify, please complete and submit a Self-Evaluation. The evaluation may be repeated for each EHR/EMR version in several configurations (see configurations listed under General Information section of Flash), at the vendor's discretion. Please fill out and fax back a copy of the program legal agreement prior to beginning the Self-Evaluation.

Begin Now!

Joint Certification

Upon successful completion of the Self-Evaluation, a vendor may choose to participate in the Joint Evaluation portion of the program. Nuance and the vendor will work together to set up a half-day (in person) Joint Certification session. The fee associated with this phase of the program is $10,000. Please register by emailing

Program Support

While participating in the program, each vendor will have access to Nuance's skilled support team. Please fill out the Dragon EHR program support access form and email it back to A username and password will then be sent to you.

If you choose to participate in this program and want to access the iSupport system in the future to log a ticket or take advantage of the extensive Dragon Medical Knowledgebase see:

Program Resources

More information

* For more information on the program or to submit a feature request that may help optimize Dragon Medical use within your EHR, please send an email to

Dragon Medical EHR Certification Program

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