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Software Alliance Programs

Our Software Alliance Program exists to support organizations who develop Connectors utilizing  the eCopy ShareScan Software Development Kit (SDK) or the PDF Connector SDK.

ShareScan SDK – The ShareScan SDK broadens your application to capture paper documents at the front office networked copier (MFP) and provide the security and protection needed to support government and related compliance regulations.

The PDF SDK - The PDF Connector SDK is a flexible software component that extends eCopy PDF Pro Office and Nuance PDF Converter Enterprise with document processing applications. Use the PDF Connector SDK if you want to:

  • build custom interfaces to enable various functions - Save, Open, Insert, Attach - in your proprietary applications
  • integrate different Document Management Systems into your proprietary applications

The SDKs are available to:

  • Corporate IT Departments - For any organization that would like to develop a Connector for internal use.
  • Independent Software Vendors/System Integrator - For any organization that would like to develop a Connector and will be distributing or selling the developed solution.

Corporate IT Departments
Corporate IT Departments - Complete Online Application
Corporate IT Departments worldwide utilize the SDK’s to create tightly integrated solutions to their back end applications, maximizing their investment in both their hardware and software infrastructures. The result is dramatic improvements in document workflow and improved office worker efficiency.

Independent Software Vendors/System Integrators
Independent Software Vendors - Complete Online Application
The Software Alliance Program exists to support our software alliance partners who develop Connectors utilizing the Software Development Kit (SDK). Partners receive
sales, marketing, and development support to promote the solution to the end user and distribution channel partners.
Why Develop a Connector?
Today, partners provide Connectors to many leading document management, e-mail, fax, cost recovery, and other business applications. We continue to expand our
library of Connectors; offering customers easy, seamless integration with Nuance’s Imaging products and their current infrastructures.

  • Extend the value proposition of your solution
  • Secure additional sources of revenue Increase the value of your application and increase customers; sell Connectors and/or Nuance software. Increase opportunities for new partnerships
  • Gain a competitive advantage Differentiate your application from others by being able to easily include paper-based information into your electronic workflows
  • Maximize your resources and speed your time to market
  • The eCopy ShareScan SDK - The open platform architecture enables developers to create one Connector to work with all eCopy enabled scanner/digital copiers.
  • Imaging Software Alliance Benefit:
  • Sales and Marketing: All Partners that develop a connector can publish content to Nuance’s MFP distribution channel partners to generate awareness
    • Listing and link on the eCopy Web site
    • Participation in joint customer case studies
    • ScanStation Purchase Program
    • Access to sales collateral and sales materials
    • Access to Distribution Portal Web site
  • Technical and Support:
    • SDKs and supporting documentation
    • Related product revisions and upgrades
    • Participation in SDK beta programs
    • Developer and Technical support
Software Alliance Programs

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