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ICD-10 solutions & services

ICD-10 success

The operational, clinical and financial viability of your health system depends on the education and knowledge transfer of relevant, role-based education to prepare your organization for ICD-10 compliance. Mitigate risks and minimize the impact on patient care and workflow.

Achieve ICD-10 success

You’ve carefully planned, trained and tested, and then finally the moment of truth arrives: ICD-10 is here. However, you may find that documentation and coding results are not quite where they need to be, and additional training may be required.

Clintegrity Education and Services provides a unique blend of e-Learning solutions and onsite instruction for all levels of ICD-10 training—all combined with industry-leading technology. Understanding that clinical and coding professionals use ICD-10 in different ways, Nuance has designed role-based ICD-10 education that is easily understood by physicians, Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) specialists and coders.

Role-based benefits

Physician peer-to peer education

A phased approach with expert, physician-led instruction that’s organized by sub-specialty to achieve buy-in and optimum results.

Advanced coder skill-building education

Combines advanced clinical learning with state-of-the-art technology.

CDI specialist education

Empowers CDI specialists to monitor and manage physician education more effectively—strengthening the CDI specialist-physician relationship.

Solutions & services

Often a fresh set of eyes can uncover potential compliance issues or education opportunities that may otherwise go unnoticed. Nuance provides ICD-10 audits and education to first understand your organization’s greatest areas of risk and opportunity, and then deliver coder education on targeted topics in the preferred format to support accurate coding, MS-DRG assignment and Case Mix Index.

Physician and clinician clinical documentation education
Education created by physicians, for physicians. A phased approach focused on sub-specialty and sustainable knowledge retention.

Clinical Documentation Improvement specialist education
ICD-10 education that drills down on understanding what physicians really need to know, helping CDI specialists monitor and manage physician education more effectively—and strengthening the CDI specialist-physician relationship.

Foundational ICD-10 coder education
Nuance has partnered with Elsevier, the world’s leading health sciences publisher to bring a wealth of technology and content expertise to today’s healthcare organizations.

Our education is constantly being updated to ensure accuracy. We will develop an ongoing relationship with your coding staff to facilitate trust in our knowledge and open forum for coders to be engaged and learn from us.

Dragon Medical Advisor
Dragon Medical Advisor analyzes physician notes during documentation and suggests further specificity to improve ICD-coding. As an add-on to Dragon Medical One and Dragon Medical Network Edition, it provides clinical documentation with the specificity you need to reach ICD-10 compliance.


White paper

10 tips to accelerate ICD-10 compliance
Discover what every organization should consider as part of its ICD-10 strategy to provide better patient care through more accurate documentation.

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Healthcare insights
  • Priorities and strategies for CDI success
    Learn how financial leaders rank key topics including clinical documentation accuracy, decreasing denials, physician workflow and EHR adoption. Download Navigating Today’s CDI Landscape: 10 Strategies for Success report.

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