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Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder

Store and Forward Dictation and Transcription Workflow

Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder

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With Dragon® Medical Mobile Recorder, clinicians can conveniently and efficiently dictate at the point-of-care with their iPhone. High-quality dictations are wirelessly and securely uploaded to Nuance’s background speech recognition platforms for rapid document turnaround time. Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder introduces a new level of clinical documentation flexibility by enabling mobile dictation that is connected to its speech-enabled transcription platforms, eScription and Dictaphone Enterprise Speech System, and its fully-outsourced Nuance Transcription Services offering.

Clinicians can use DragonMedical Mobile Recorder with their personal iPhones for secure mobile dictation, eliminating the inconvenience and cost of dedicated mobile dictation devices. Further, the iPhone App Store provides a cost effective deployment and installation platform which minimizes demands on IT resources.

Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder delivers:

  • Clinician convenience
  • Clinician time-savings
  • Improved documentation accuracy
  • Improved documentation timeliness

High-Quality Dictation Capture Previously, clinicians were instructed to avoid cellular phones for dictating because of potential audio loss. Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder was designed specifically to provide reliable mobile dictation capture to maximize the quality of background speech recognition, resulting in high quality drafts, high accuracy, and fast document turnaround time.

Instant Wireless Uploads Unlike dedicated mobile dictation devices that require docking stations and introduce upload delays, Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder instantly and wirelessly uploads dictations for background speech recognition. Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder uses industry standard WiFi and 3G wireless, native to the iPhone.

Easy to Use Touch Screen Controls Leveraging the user-friendly iPhone design, clinicians can access the touch-based interface to efficiently create dictations. Clinicians select from a list of common worktypes, identify patients with a keypad, control recording, and upload completed dictations with a touch of a finger. The intuitive interface requires minimal clinician training.

Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder App is available today by subscription on the eScription platform.

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