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Vocalizer for Contact Centers

Enterprise-level voice engine delivering intelligent customer interactions and self-service.

Vocalizer for embedded solutions

Text-to-speech offering enhanced expressivity for automotive, mobile and more.

Vocalizer Studio

A suite of tools that provide granular control of text-to-speech audio output.

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Engaging customer support. No voice talent needed.

Vocalizer 6 is an enterprise-ready spoken output engine that enhances the IVR experience and enables more human, personalized customer interactions for less cost and hassle than hiring voice talent.


Vocalizer vs. voice talent

How Vocalizer 6 compares to using multiple voice talent actors.

  Voice talent Vocalizer 6

Conversational experience
Natural-sounding voices deliver engaging customer interactions


Consistent brand voice
Ability to use a single voice across multiple points of customer service


Multilingual voices
Language support for a global customer base


Script revisions on the fly
Record and re-record in-house and as needed


Output of dynamic database information
Supports the reading of addresses, account numbers, names, etc.


Easily integrated with other voices
Can be mixed with pre-recorded speech from voice actors


You vs. Ava

Think you can pronounce these words better than a Vocalizer 6 persona?

Time saved is
money saved

A 25% improvement of IVR call handing for a business with 24M calls a year leads to the elimination of 60,000 agent calls, which can equal a savings of nearly $300,000/yr. (2M calls per month at $5 per agent call.)

Account Details

Getting account details
18% reduction in interaction time

Order Checks

Ordering Checks
14% reduction in interaction time

Flight Status

Hearing Flight Status
50% reduction in information delivery time

Key features & benefits

Enhanced experience

Natural-sounding speech

Vocalizer 6 voices have unmatched expressivity and personality, which provides a more appealing customer interaction.

Faster service for customers

Vocalizer 6 can provide customers with the information they want to hear and help to route service issues to the correct departments for faster service.

Superior caller experience

Vocalizer 6 can be used to communicate using high-quality text-to-speech and/or a blend of pre-recorded audio and IVR to deliver seamless conversations.

Premium voices available

Vocalizer 6 offers premium voices, which provide the most natural IVR experience imaginable and can help enhance the customer service experience.

Customizable solution

Fine-tune your speech output

Vocalizer Studio allows you to evaluate and adjust text processing and pronunciations, as well as fine-tune speech output by customizing intonation and expressivity. Learn more

Consistent output across applications

Multiple speech-based applications can share the same instance of Vocalizer 6, providing a consistent brand experience, while still being tracked separately.

Multilingual support

Superior readout is available in 46 languages and 117 voices to support global business efforts. Learn more

Custom Voices

Enhance brand identity and differentiate yourself from the competition with a unique voice tailored specifically for your business.

Flexible implementation

Standards support

Supports emerging standards and all major, industry-standard platforms including: SSML, VXML and MRCPV2. Learn more

Simplified maintenance

Manage recorded prompts and generated speech through one unified interface. Tuning and customization can be made without interrupting live traffic.

Hosted solution available

The Nuance OnDemand™ platform enables you to run Vocalizer 6 worry-free and without the cost and work demands of maintaining an infrastructure. Learn more

Easy application development

High-quality text-to-speech is automatically generated and blended with partial prompts in your library, if a complete recording of requested text cannot be found.

More resources


Nuance Speech University

Learn more about how to implement and manage enterprise-level customer service speech solutions with online and on-site trainings and courses that cover:

  • Installation and configuration
  • Development and design
  • Management and business analytics

See training options

Let’s discuss how Vocalizer 6 can help you deliver better, more cost-effective customer service.

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