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Not just what customers say, but what they mean

Nuance Natural Language Understanding (NLU) serves as a foundation for self-service solutions that deliver unprecedented flexibility, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Understand your customers, naturally

A core technology behind our conversational IVR and virtual assistant solutions, NLU enables smarter and more efficient applications that can quickly route callers and enhance the customer experience throughout the entire self-service engagement.

Improving the caller experience

50% reduction of call durations

Improving the agent experience

20% increase in contact centre productivity

Why Nuance

As a leader in NLU technology, Nuance brings unparalleled expertise – delivering improved routing accuracy, shorter calls and the know-how to turn caller intent data into a more conversational, intelligent self-service experience.

Solutions & technologies

Getting your customers where they want to go

Conversational IVR

Natural Language Understanding is a key component in our conversational IVR solutions, serving to enhance the caller’s self-service experience while delivering efficiency and automation improvements.

Call Steering

Call Steering allows customers to use their own words to describe why they are calling, eliminating navigation complexity and resulting in a faster, more direct path to resolution.

Virtual assistants

Natural language-powered virtual assistants enable customers to easily engage with self-service systems by speaking or typing their own words and using natural dialogue that mimics a live agent interaction.


Correctly recognises a large proportion of out-of-grammar inputs with high confidence. SmartListener technology can be applied across every dialog in the speech application, drastically improving recognition accuracy.

View SmartListener data sheet

Natural Language Understanding in action

See how we've helped industry leaders drive real-world results.

Commerce Bank
Learn how Nuance helped identify ways to improve Commerce Bank’s self-service touchtone applications and the results they’ve achieved to date.


US Airways
See how US Airways is reaching new heights in customer service with a fast, personalised self-service IVR system.

Professional services

Experienced support for exceptional results

Nuance professional services leverage years of experience and thousands of successful deployments to offer thought leadership and commitment to your results. We use the latest tools and techniques to design, develop, deploy and optimise your speech-enabled applications.

Explore professional services



Understanding Natural Language: Learning to speak customer-ese
This paper explains the specific benefits of natural language in speech recognition and the approaches are examined in detail.

Listen to your customers
Why financial services companies use natural language, real-world results and six reasons to invest now

Case studies

NYC 311
Speech IVR solution helps NYC311 deliver a superior customer experience at a lower cost, increasing call centre capability by over 20% during high demand days and emergency response periods.

US Airways
Read how the airline reached new heights in customer service with a fast, personalised self-service IVR system powered by Nuance.


How To Create an IVR That Your Customers Will Love, Not Loathe
What does your IVR say about your organisation? If you care about your brand reputation and competitive position, it’s time to rethink your IVR experience.

Learn how Natural Language Understanding is built for your business - and designed around your customers.

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Natural Language Understanding

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