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How to get started, and get more out of your PDFs

With one-click PDF creation buttons, intuitive editing features, and powerful tools like batch conversion and fillable forms, Power PDF makes you and your teams more productive than ever before.

Batch PDFs

Creating PDF documents from multiple files all at once

Do you ever need to work with lots of PDFs, all at one time? Nuance Power PDF makes it easy to handle numerous PDF files, whether it’s “batch creating” multiple PDFs, converting lots of PDF files back into their original format, like Microsoft Office, or to merge many PDFs into a single, editable PDF file.

Power PDF allows you to create PDF files from multiple files and file formats in a single operation. You can combine all files into a single PDF file or save each created PDF individually at the location you define.

The customizable PDF creation profiles enable you to create your PDF files with settings of your choice that you can save, and which control PDF compression, security and PDF compatibility levels.

Creating PDF documents from multiple files all at once

  1. Open the Create PDF Assistant, located as an option under the Nuance Power PDF Standard or Advance program group in the Window Start menu.
  2. When the Create Assistant window appears, click on the “Add” button and select the files you want to convert to PDF. Use Shift and your mouse to select multiple files from the same folder.
  3. Repeat this process to add as many files as you want.
  4. Select “Create a PDF for each input document” from the first drop-down list if you want to have individual PDF files created from each of your source documents, or choose “Combine files into one PDF document” if you want a single, combined PDF document from all your original files.
  5. Click on the “Saving” button to select the saving location, or keep it with the default settings.
  6. Click the PDF Create button on the bottom of the window and all your files will be converted to PDF documents in one run based on your selections.

PDFs with Forms

Power PDF Batch Convert

Nuance Power PDF makes it easy to convert multiple files into individual PDFs or a single PDF file.

Power PDF Standard

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Nuance offers a comprehensive list of resources to help businesses learn about Nuance Power PDF and to use it more effectively. Visit the Power PDF Resource Library.

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