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Connecting your customers to the best experience

Today’s consumers are fickle and ready to jump ship when a competitor launches the next best offer. Deliver an industry-best service experience and make them think twice about leaving.

Service experiences that make a lasting connection

Today, communications providers face more competitive pressure than ever before. Consumers expect to stay connected with the latest technology, far-reaching coverage and plans that fit within their increasingly challenged wallets. Nuance has worked with the top five US communications providers, helping them overcome customer service challenges through truly differentiated service experiences.

Initiate & activate

First impressions last

A new customer’s first impression is crucial. The activations process isn’t always simple, and issues that may arise when activating a new device are costly both in terms of your contact centre and to a customer’s impression of your business.

Activating an efficient customer experience

Nuance solutions power the experiences of many communications providers and increase the bandwidth of the contact centre.

Help customers locate the products they need quickly and easily while differentiating your service throughout.

Nina Web and Nina Mobile virtual assistants enable customers to easily find what they are looking for, ask questions and perform transactions simply by typing or speaking as if they were interacting with a human sales associate. Nina increases sales conversion rates and average order value, and will help attract new customers by differentiating your commitment to making the online experience easy.

Activating a new account and device is a costly process and can result in a difficult experience for your new customers. Streamline the process with automated welcome calls, conversational IVR speech applications and Nina Mobile virtual assistant – which can easily step customers through the process, gather needed information and greatly reduce costs and time with your contact centre agents.

Engage & serve

Boost your customer service bandwidth

Customers expect adequate coverage and bandwidth along with a selection of devices and programming. What really sets you apart is your customer service experience.

Making the call for intelligent self-service

Top communications providers rely on Nuance for automated outbound campaigns and self-service solutions to create customer experiences that drive loyalty and reduce costs to serve.

Communications providers see an extreme volume of inbound inquiries across all service channels. Balancing a great service experience with associated costs is a complex challenge.

Nuance conversational IVR solutions and virtual assistants in the mobile and web channels deliver quick and easy self-service options to your customers, improving automation rates and reducing the number of customer inquiries to your agents.

Natural language-powered navigation guides customers directly to the right self-service features – whether they need to check an account balance, report a technical issue or find a store – or directly to the right agent skill group the first time, reducing call centre handle times.

Proactively providing your customers with the information they need will reduce your inbound call volume and increase the efficiency of your contact centre.

Our automated solutions allow you to leverage known preferences and prior behavior to successfully reach customers on the channels they prefer. And providing them with options to take immediate action improves their experience and promotes self-service. From alerting customers when they approach or exceed wireless plan limits to reminding them of upcoming service appointments, proactive engagement and communication builds loyalty and maximises productivity.

Authenticating customers within an IVR, mobile application or with an agent can be a time-consuming and costly process. For the customer, authentication means having to remember credentials, user names, account numbers and even PINs and passwords. For an agent, it’s a time-consuming process that drives up handle times and costs for the contact centre. Yet, authentication is a necessary evil as account and identity fraud continue to be a major concern for consumers and enterprises.

Nuance Voice Biometrics solutions streamline the authentication process for customers and agents while increasing security. Customers can simply log into their account in an IVR or mobile app using their voice print and speaking a simple phrase such as “At my voice is my password.” At the agent, customers can be authenticated in the background of the conversation, resulting in the agent receiving an event indicating authentication.


Meeting the collections challenge

The high cost of collecting payments weighs on the bottom line. Disconnections are expensive and open up regulatory scrutiny. By reaching out to customers earlier in the process and offering options to self-cure, you can improve pay rates and customer satisfaction while driving up revenue and driving down contact centre costs.

Powered by 150 million past-due accounts

Every day, Nuance solutions are working on over $10 billion in accounts receivable for the nation’s top lenders, utilities and communications providers. Put the power of our solutions to work for you.

Increase live connect volume by intelligently sequencing your outreach across multiple channels, according to your customer’s known preferences and prior responses. Deliver an always courteous, stage- and risk-appropriate message to prompt immediate action and reduce your time to cure.

Explore proactive engagement

Combine orchestrated cross-channel campaigns with a robust roster of automated payment options to cure early-stage delinquencies. Improved self-service containment allows your contact centre staff to focus on late-stage, high-risk accounts and lowers the cost of treating your overall portfolio.

Explore proactive engagement

A single platform supports both our outbound campaigns and Cloud Dialer solution, allowing you to easily move records between human and automated outreach to ensure consistent campaign execution.

From the FCC and the CFPB to individual states, the rules for communicating with consumers about their debt are complex – and the violations costly. Our solutions help you gain consent, establish safe calling guardrails and ensure the right contact frequency.

View Compliance Controls Datasheet

Telecommunications expertise in action

See how we've helped industry leaders drive real-world results.

Natural language, naturally
Hear how Turkcell Global Bilgi has provided a more intelligent customer experience with call steering.

Bright House Networks
Hear how Bright House Networks’ natural language-based self-service system put their “IVR on steroids” and more about their experiences working with Nuance.

Case studies

Turkcell Global Bilgi
Natural language call steering routes Turkish telco customers within 20 seconds, reduces operational costs and delivers great caller experience.

Windstream reinvents their online customer experience with Nuance Nina Web.

Professional services

Experienced services connecting you to exceptional results

Get the most from your investments by engaging Nuance for professional services that transform technology into intelligent solutions. We’ve been working with leading communications providers for over 20 years. We know your business and your contact centre solution needs.

Explore professional services

We understand the demands of telecommunications. Let’s work together to meet them.

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