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The way to your customer’s heart: Great service

Each stage in the purchasing lifecycle is an opportunity to build loyalty and ensure repeat business, from ordering all the way to your customer’s doorstep.

Branded solutions that drive results

At Nuance, we help top retailers ensure the customer service support they provide lives up to their brand. Whether enhancing the online shopping experience, engaging customers with important delivery information or simplifying account management, you can count on our service experience to transform your service experience.

Online experience & ordering

Opening the door to exceptional customer service

It’s fairly simple: Your customers want a pleasant experience when purchasing products from your business. So don’t waste their time. Make it easy to find the product they want, streamline the ordering process and keep your customers posted as it’s shipped to their front door. It really is that simple.

Deliver a brand new service experience

Top brands rely on our cross-channel solutions to create engaging self-service experiences that keep customers coming back while reducing cost to service.

Help your customers locate the products they need quickly and intuitively while supporting your brand image throughout the experience.

Virtual assistants enable customers to easily find what they are looking for, ask questions and perform transactions simply by typing or speaking as if interacting with a human sales associate. Nina Web and Nina Mobile can increase sales conversion rates and average order value while attracting new customers by differentiating your commitment to the online experience.

Each year, retailers receive millions of calls from customers wanting to know when their orders will arrive. Reduce your contact centre costs while providing customers with an engaging experience.

Proactively engage customers before they call to create a better experience throughout the entire process and divert traffic from your contact centre. By providing order and delivery status updates according to your customer’s preference – phone, text or email – you can free up your customer service representatives to focus on tougher service cases and drive more revenue.

Customer account service

Serving your loyal customers

Loyal customers are your lifeblood, so give them quick and simple self-service options when they need to manage their account. Our solutions cost-effectively deliver what your customers to boost your company’s bottom line.

Deliver a sophisticated customer experience

Our intelligent self-service solutions provide your customers with easy access to their account, whether pulling a transaction history or making changes to payment options.

Customers tend to call when they need service on their account, yet most basic service can be easily handled by a well-designed self-service system.

Our conversational IVR solutions provide quick and easy self-service for your customers – from card activation to rewards balance and store locations – to reduce the number of calls to agents and improve your company’s self-service containment rates.

Customers often use web and mobile channels to administer accounts, request a return, review an account balance or check store hours. Yet navigating a website or mobile application can be difficult when there are numerous options available.

Virtual assistants let your customers ask for what they need in their own words, whether spoken or typed, rather than making them search for information. Nina Web and Nina Mobile use natural language-based technology to respond with answers to a wide spectrum of FAQs, providing intuitive access to account details so customers get what they want, fast.

Do you really know how your customers perceive your brand and customer service support experience? You better – they will make their next buying decision based on it.

Our customer survey software solutions proactively engage customers during or after the purchasing experience to gain immediate, critical feedback for your business. A cleverly placed survey following an agent interaction or self-service IVR transaction, or a follow-up outbound survey after product delivery, provides valuable insight to help your organisation hone the overall experience – while showing your customers you are eager to hear from them.

Retail expertise in action

See how we’ve helped industry leaders drive real-world results.

Case studies

Acer America
Acer America drives service improvements with a natural language speech solution on Nuance’s hosted IVR platform.

Learn how Monitronics was able to streamline its contact centre operations and improve customer engagement.

Large computer systems retailer
Read how this retailer was able to decrease their call abandon rate by 19% with improved call flow from natural language call steering.

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Professional services

Experience that helps you stand out

Nuance professional services deliver self-service solutions that improve the customer experience while lowering your costs – so you can focus even more on your brand, your customers and your products.

Explore professional services

We understand the demands of retail. Let's work together to meet them.

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