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Learn from the experts

Let Nuance University build your team’s skill set. Real-world courses teach you to install, configure, design, develop, manage and maintain successful speech solutions.

Training that speaks to your customer commitment

If your team is new to speech solutions – or has new members since partnering with Nuance – you need the right skills, right now. Nuance University offers over 30 self-paced or live courses, delivered online or at your site.

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Online training

Our web-based training solutions include self-paced modules and live virtual classrooms, leveraging cloud-based virtual machines for hands-on work.

Custom on-site training

Building on our courses, Nuance University helps you target a curriculum for your team’s specific needs. We’ll even travel to work with you face to face.

The benefits

Better foundation

Nuance training provides a breadth of understanding for every member of your team to develop efficiencies and avoid pitfalls.

Better performance

Nuance training enables self-sufficiency on speech tools and processes while helping team members analyse and interpret deployment data to improve performance.

Better experience

Nuance training and certification courses guarantee that your team members employ best practices in using Nuance tools – ensuring success for your customer service solutions.


Graduate to a new level of service

Getting started quickly

Our QuickStart package provides a foundation for customer care projects: the technology, lifecycle, design, grammars and tuning. QuickStart prepares you for project work and advanced courses.

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Essential project skills

A team that supports a networked customer care application must have a range of skills. Nuance University courses introduce the key principles of user interface design, call flow, grammar development and application analysis.

Explore essential project skills

Nuance tools training

We work with your team to customise skills workshops using your company’s design specification, code and/or deployment data. Courses address challenges and solutions directly applicable to your customers.

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Technical certification

Prepare your technicians to excel

Nuance University helps you develop a skilled team to install, configure and support speech solutions, reducing time-to-market and costs while increasing revenue and customer satisfaction. Nuance certification is an industry standard that prepares technicians to develop solutions or resolve issues. Certified Nuance Partners stand apart from the competition – and retain key employees.

Explore technical certification

How to become a Nuance Technical Associate

Nuance University offers training and certification in the following areas:

Enterprise core technologies

Learn basic installation, configuration, troubleshooting and tier 1 support for the Nuance Speech Server, Nuance Recognizer, Nuance Vocalizer and the licensing manager.

FreeSpeech solutions

Learn how to implement Voice biometrics solutions using FreeSpeech.

VocalPassword solutions

Learn how to implement Voice biometrics solutions using VocalPassword.

Call Steering solutions

Learn how to develop natural language grammar sets using the Call Steering portal.


Training overview

Visit the Nuance University site to view our curriculum and select from over 30 training courses. Or choose a course package to develop and improve critical skill sets for each member of your team.

Catalog, schedule & registration

View the Nuance University schedule and register for training. Our catalog includes a range of programs and courses to help you maximise your investment in Nuance products and solutions.


Nuance technical certification is an acknowledged industry standard demonstrating that you have the technical knowledge and experience required to successfully implement and support Nuance technologies and solutions.

The customer experience starts now. Learn how you can gain valuable training and certification at Nuance University.

Email enterprise_training@nuance.com today.

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