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Connected conversations

Customers expect conversations that span channels and time. By adding cross-channel contextual awareness, your company can connect the dots while better connecting with customers.

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Virtual assistants

Deliver a more human, intelligent and personalised digital experience with Nina, a virtual assistant offering conversational customer interactions on your website and mobile app.

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Voice Biometrics

"My voice is my password." These five simple words eliminate passwords, PINs and security questions to deliver a positive experience at the start of every customer interaction.

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Professional services

We can help you transform innovative technology into intelligent customer service solutions for your most critical business challenges – providing maximum results with minimum risk.

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Connected conversations

Customer engagement is a two-way street

Greeting customers with knowledge of their most recent interaction allows you to pick up the conversation from where it left off. Connect the dots across channels and time to create a consistent experience and more engaged customers.

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Conversational IVR

Touchtone and speech IVR may have been good enough in the past, but not anymore. Conversational IVR enhances self-service interactions while delivering cost savings, efficiency and increased customer satisfaction.

Proactive engagement

Cost-effectively connect with your customers in the personalised way they expect – providing the relevant information they need, when they need it and coordinated across channels for optimal results.

Hosted Platform

Our cloud platform delivers the technology your business needs even as demands shift. Eliminate costly capital expense, maintenance and IT burdens without sacrificing flexibility or reliability.

Virtual assistants

Nina is here, and she’s ready to help your customers

Nina engages with your customers efficiently, consistently and as conversationally as a human employee would. Significantly improve your mobile and web experiences, reduce operating costs and increase sales value and conversion.

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Nina Web

Deliver an intelligent live chat experience on your website. Nina Web increases sales value and conversion rates while reducing agent-assistant service volumes.

Nina for Messaging

Extend intelligent live chat experiences to mobile devices via in-app messaging in native mobile applications, two-way text messaging over SMS, and within leading messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger.

What our customers are saying:

Voice biometrics

Safe and secure by the sound of your customer’s voice

Improving the customer experience, reducing agent-assisted service costs and cutting down on fraud. This is the proven track record of Nuance Voice Biometric solutions, deployed at the world’s most trusted financial institutions and innovative enterprises. Discover a world without passwords, PINs and security questions.

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Replace passwords and PINs with the voice of your customers to deliver easy, efficient and secure authentication for your mobile apps, IVRs and even websites.


Transform the call center experience by eliminating the interrogation process at the beginning of each call – cutting down average handle time and fraud while increasing up-sell opportunities.

Professional services

Bringing it all together for stronger results

You may already deliver great service to your customers. But every now and then, you need an extra hand, a new skill or even a major development partner to help you deliver the most value to your customer. That’s exactly where we come in.

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Let Nuance business consulting be your trusted advisor, delivering strategic guidance and roadmaps for optimising experiences and results across your customer service channels.

Business consulting


We have the most experienced and qualified delivery team in the industry, and we’re ready to help you design, develop, test and launch proactive customer service solutions to meet your needs.

Application services

User experience

Systems integration

Support & optimize

Our comprehensive portfolio of support and optimisation services ensures your customer service experience and business results keep getting better over time.

Continuous improvement

Managed services

Nuance University


Diving deeper into solutions for your customers


Driving Loyalty and New Customer Acquisition with Virtual Assistants
How financial institutions can address evolving consumer expectations for mobile and web banking with virtual assistants.

5 Must-Do’s for Self-Service Magic
If you can’t deliver that magical self-service experience, your competitors will. But where do you start? This paper provides five key "must-do's" to give your customers the best self-service experience in your industry.

What Do Customers Want? More Outreach from Companies Like Yours
New research reveals which customer service messages are most desired by consumers and on which channels.

Case studies

Kaspersky Lab
Using Nina Web virtual assistant technology reduces call center inquiries and emails by 22 percent and increases sales order value.

US Airways
See how US Airways is reaching new heights in customer service with a fast, personalised self-service IVR system.


Best Practices in Self-Service
See how to deliver intelligent interactions that work the way your customers do.

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