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Nuance Employee
Productivity Suite

The Nuance Employee Productivity Suite (EPS) is a comprehensive, voice-driven directory services solution that improves your customer communications and employee productivity. It extends beyond standard auto attendants and lets you drive ROI out of your employee directory.

Discover the Hidden Power of Your Employee Directory

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EPS provides customer and employee speech-based auto attendant and self-service applications that offer a refined, efficient experience.

  • Scalable, flexible architecture
  • Supports massive directory sizes
  • Industry-leading speech technologies
  • Remove operator from internal calls
  • Provide easy access to employees and services
  • Simple and secure password and PIN resets

SpeechAttendant Internal Dialer Speech Attendant Internal Thumb

Voice-driven auto attendant for fast, efficient employee-to-employee communications — either locally, across facilities worldwide or on mobile networks.

  • One phone number to reach any individual
  • Mobile workforce directory tool
  • Removes operators from internal calls
  • Automatic updates to corporate directory
  • Eliminate extension look-ups
  • Available 24x7x365

SpeechAttendant Front Desk Speech Attendant Thumb

Offers your callers fast and efficient connections to people, places and information from any telephone device using simple, natural voice commands.

  • Customizable greetings by call-in number
  • Reduce wait time for operators
  • Rapid, accurate transfers
  • Audio text (directions, FAQs, etc.)
  • Unlimited menus
  • Multiple call handling options (voice-driven or touch-tone)
  • Email address listing playback
  • Voice-driven dynamic call forwarding
  • Available 24x7x365

Automated Password Reset Automatic Password Reset Thumb

Automated, fast and secure resetting of passwords by employees using the power of biometric voice technology from any phone — without involving IT staff.

  • Reduce calls to IT help desk
  • Remove involvement of IT staff
  • Powerful voice biometric verification
  • Employees are self-sufficient, IT can focus on more demanding issues

Employee Productivity Suite

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