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Nina™ Mobile

The virtual assistant for mobile customer service

Nina Mobile delivers an unprecedented mobile customer service experience by providing a voice-enabled intelligent virtual assistant within your existing mobile app. Nina transforms iPhone and Android mobile apps into powerful customer engagement tools that allow easy self-service for immediate, accurate outcomes—whether that’s paying a bill, changing or adding service or simply getting a question answered.

Meet Nina—the virtual assistant for mobile customer service

Note: Nina Mobile is designed specifically for large enterprise organizations implementing mobile customer service apps. If you are a developer within a large enterprise organization and you would like to learn more, please email us at For non-enterprise organization inquiries, such as an OEM, Telco or Service Provider interested in learning more about Nuance Mobile’s intuitive speech, text-to-speech and predictive text solutions for handsets, tablets, TVs or other consumer electronics devices please contact us at If you are an individual developer building apps outside of customer service, or an OEM or Telco looking for easy access to an API that enables consumer applications with speech and/or text-to-speech functionality please visit to get started today.

What Can Nina Mobile Do?
  • Authenticate: Nina Mobile validates your identity using your unique voice print.
  • Navigate: Nina Mobile captures intent in a single utterance and gets users precisely where they need to go to get their answer.
  • Transact: Nina Mobile extracts content, context and meaning from a request ensuring faster results with less user effort.
Nina Mobile Offers More Natural, Intuitive Self-Service Interactions

Nina Mobile knows you. She recognizes your voice. She also understands what you want based on your natural phrasing of your request. Nina Mobile streamlines logging in, finding features in the app, asking questions and performing transactions using the power of talking, texting or tapping—making mobile interactions easier, more productive and enjoyable.

Beyond Simple Speech Commands, Nina Mobile Engages Customers in Conversation

Nina Mobile can be as interactive as you’d like from simple requests in the users’ own words that drop them in the intended location to a continued conversation with multi-turn and contextual dialogs. Conversational dialog requires a complex set of technologies working together to deliver an effective and engaging user experience. Nina Mobile abstracts the complexity offering natural, intuitive self-service interactions.

Maximum Flexibility to Talk, Type and Tap

A multimodal interface is a must for the mobile consumer experience. Nina has been designed specifically for mobile app front-ends to support inputs via speech, tap and text—giving consumers flexibility to choose the interaction type they prefer at any point.

Nina Product Details

Nina is comprised of:

Nina Virtual Assistant Platform: A Nuance hosted service that provides the power and intelligence to Nina, including access to Nuance’s industry-leading speech recognition, text-to-speech (TTS), natural language understanding (NLU), interactive dialog management and voice biometrics services. Customizable personas reflect your brand identity for a virtual assistant tailored to your unique business needs.

Nina Assist: Provides a human-like conversational interface that understands what your customers need and navigates them quickly and accurately to the right automated functionality to enable successful transactions with the least amount of effort.

Nina Agent: Enables human-like customer service conversations via text or speech interactions to answer questions accurately and connect users to the right person or place as required for easy and effective self-service. Productized integrations with leading knowledge-bases, CRM, ERP and assisted service channels maximize the value of existing investments and ensure fast time to value.

Nina IQ Studio: Ensures your virtual assistant stays relevant to evolving customer needs and remains high-performing with automatic learning and a robust toolset that enables continuous tuning and optimization. Customizable virtual assistant dashboards and dynamic voice of the customer reports deliver actionable insights within hours instead of days.

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Consumers want natural language interactions with their customer service apps; the majority believe it would be easier than typing. Among consumers surveyed, 77% would like to have the option or would prefer to interact with mobile apps through a natural spoken conversation. 
-Source: Nuance Research, February 2012

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