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Nuance Vocalizer Studio


Practical Tools that Give You Meticulous Control Over Your Text-to-Speech Audio Output

Nuance Vocalizer Studio is a suite of easy-to-use graphical tools that give you meticulous control over your text-to-speech (TTS) audio output. With Vocalizer Studio, you’ll take full advantage of Vocalizer’s ability to automate more types of calls, improve caller experience and reduce implementation and operational costs.

You can monitor and evaluate the output of Vocalizer with Evaluator and adjust text processing and pronunciations with User Dictionary Editor. You can even fine-tune speech output by customizing intonation and expressivity with PromptSculptor. With Nuance Vocalizer Studio, you’ll make sure your listeners understand what you say to them.

Vocalizer Evaluator
If you’re using text-to-speech, you may need to determine whether the words and phrases you’ll use more frequently could use some additional fine-tuning. With Vocalizer Evaluator, you can enter text and hear how Vocalizer 5 sounds in the language and voice of your choice.


User Dictionary Editor
Other providers of text-to-speech capabilities can require an encyclopedic knowledge of a proprietary lexicon to change how words are pronounced. With this tool, you can easily and intuitively create alternative pronunciations for words. This way your specialized terms, abbreviations, acronyms, and even regional pronunciation differences will be spoken correctly.


With this tool, you can fine-tune speech output with the exact intonation, expressivity and mood you’re looking for. You can also make sure transitions from computer-generated and pre-recorded audio are smoothed to form one seamless prompt. PromptSculptor is to Vocalizer as a voice coach is to a voice talent.


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