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Nuance Reporting Framework


Improve Your Customer Service Through Comprehensive Insight Into Your Caller Experience

Nuance Reporting Framework is our standardized reporting and business analytics solution for generating reports that provide a comprehensive overview of your system’s performance. Reports are based on data captured from logging caller activity within your self-service applications, providing you with insight into your end-to-end caller experience to help you decide what steps to take to improve your customer service.

Our Reporting Framework includes a high-level summary of trending reports, focusing attention on areas of the caller experience that may benefit from additional tuning. We also provide filtered, detailed reporting to identify areas where your user interface could be improved. We feature five standard business reports to provide the key views that your business owners need around metrics such as call volumes and containment rates. We can also create custom reporting based on your business needs


Benefits of Nuance Reporting Framework

  • Reference all Your Call Data with Consolidated Reporting
  • Analyze and Optimize Your Application with Tuning Views
  • Get Actionable Insights with Business Views

Reference All Your Call Data with Consolidated Reporting
The Nuance Reporting Framework combines and stores standard Nuance logs from caller interactions and provides secure data access. Its log format is compatible other Nuance components such as the Development Framework, Design Framework, Nuance Recognizer and our Dialog Modules. Our optimization software, Nuance Tune, interacts directly with the Reporting Framework.

You can see statistics on IVR performance and callers’ experience including:

  • Call volumes
  • Containment rates
  • Opt-out, hang-up occasions
  • Task success rates
  • Dialog state statistics
  • Repeat calls

Analyze and Optimize Your Application with Tuning Views
These standard reports give your designers and speech scientists all the information and access they need to analyze and optimize your speech or touchtone applications.

Get Actionable Insights with Business Views
Our optimized business views are standard reports that provide insight into application effectiveness, illustrate caller experience and help you make decisions on how to improve your system. Our Business Consulting and Professional Services teams can provide additional help with installation services, training and metrics definition.

Works Well With Other Reporting Systems
Our well-defined log format and database schemas simplify the process of application logging and data storage and our data storage is extensible for adding custom-defined data without affecting previous metrics.

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Nuance’s process ensured that each phase was completed and signed off before moving on to the next phase. It was a pleasure to work with an entire team who was so experienced and methodical, yet met our stringent 7-week timeline efficiently. 
-VP of Customer Care, Large Health Insurance Company
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