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eCopy ShareScan Office v5

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Every day, knowledge workers, managers, & administrative personnel need to get more done in less time by transforming paper into electronic documents. More than ever, on-demand scanning solutions are key to increasing productivity & accelerating business processes by automating workflows that anyone can access right at the copier.

eCopy ShareScan Office lets you scan paper documents & connect them to your collaboration, desktop publishing, & archival workflows. In addition to secure scan-to-mail, scan-to-PC, & scan-to-file functionality, ShareScan Office can automatically convert scanned documents into searchable PDFs or editable Microsoft Word & Excel files & connect to your document management system.

Key Features

  • The Best MFP Scanning and OCR Solution for Productivity – Our best–in–class UI eliminates training, ensures rapid adoption, and generates the fastest ROI.
  • Superior Usability – From single sign–on and one–button OCR and routing, to scrolling / fly–out menus and fast access to personal favorites, ShareScan Office is the easy answer streamlining paper–intensive office workflows. See a preview image, select from your personal e–mail address book or choose e–mail distribution lists—right from the copier’s touch screen.
  • Automatically Convert Hardcopy Originals into Accurate, Formatted, Editable Softcopy – Scan, convert, and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF files—including columns, graphics, and tables. You save time and money, with high accuracy and less reformatting.
  • Industry–Leading Mail and File System Integration – Access global and personal address books and browse folders right at the copier—no need to go back to your desk to file or route documents.  The "Express" mode automates routine e–mail distributions and sent e–mail appears in the user’s personal "Sent Items" folder. Offline processing and notification means you can submit large batches and return to your office before completion.
  • Streamlined Archival with Flexible ECM Options – eCopy ShareScan Office provides complete integration to content management, network folders, SQL databases, and more. Connect with your choice of leading ECMs such as SharePoint, RightFax, EMC Documentum, iManage WorkSite, OpenText DM, or OpenText eDOCS.
  • Leverage Microsoft Investments – ShareScan office integrates with Active Directory®, Exchange, SharePoint, Access®, as well as additional application connectors created by third–party software companies using the ShareScan SDK.
  • Lower Document–Processing Costs – Fast, accurate recognition and conversion means you can automate more processes, improve productivity, and keep your business moving faster.

What’s Included

eCopy ShareScan is the most expandable MFP scanning and OCR platform. 

eCopy ShareScan Office includes:

1 license of eCopy PDF Pro Office

eCopy Application Connectors for:

Microsoft Exchange & IBM Lotus Notes

 EMC Documentum Content Server*

iManage Worksite*

Microsoft SharePoint* 

Open Text Document Management (Livelink) *

Open Text Document Management, eDOCS Edition*

Open Text Fax Server, RightFax Edition* 

eCopy Document Processing Extenders:

Cost Recovery*

Image Enhancement

* eCopy ShareScan Office includes your choice of one Document Management or Fax Connector or the eCopy Cost Recovery Extender. 

Additional Application Connectors & Document Processing Extenders are available for purchase.

Tech Specs

Device Compatibility
ShareScan Office is available on select MFPs and scanners and includes server software for document processing and integration to back-end networks and systems. For the latest supported platforms for ShareScan Office, please refer to our Supported Device Lists.   

MFP Configurations
A software client for select MFPs enables eCopy ShareScan to be accessed from the MFP’s touch screen, and server software.

Scanner Configurations
eCopy ScanStation includes a freestanding touch screen and keyboard that connects easily to all ISIS-certified scanners and many TWAIN scanners.  ScanStation includes all the hardware and software required to run eCopy ShareScan Office.

System Requirements
Minimum Software Requirements*

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Business Edition
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft Windows 2008 **
  • Microsoft Windows 7** ***

* System requirements for eCopy ShareScan Office for embedded or integrated devices may vary, depending upon configuration. Please contact Nuance for more information.
** Not currently supported by Konica Minolta devices
*** Embedded devices only

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eCopy ShareScan Office v5

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