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eCopy ShareScan SDK

Rapidly Develop Advanced Document Scanning and Workflow Solutions

eCopy ShareScan Software Development Kit

With the eCopy ShareScan SDK software developers and system integrators can quickly and easily build integrated, advanced document workflow solutions that are easily accessible to users via the touch panel right at the office copier.

With eCopy ShareScan and ShareScan SDK the value of integrating information locked in paper documents with your business systems can be extended to every office worker instead of just the limited few with desktop or production scanners.

With its award-winning design, intuitive graphical touch screen interface, enterprise-grade administration console, advanced image processing, and application integration server and device simulator, eCopy ShareScan provides a secure, feature-rich platform for deploying sophisticated document workflow solutions across copier fleets.

The eCopy ShareScan SDK gives you access to the powerful eCopy ShareScan platform through industry-standard programming tools.
The SDK and platform requires no knowledge of scanning, hardware, embedded software, or image processing development. With the eCopy ShareScan SDK you can:

  • Build Connectors to external applications and systems to streamline the capture of paper documents into electronic storage and collaboration workflows.
  • Create Extenders that add powerful image and data capture capabilities to the ShareScan platform to fully automate business processes.
  • Leverage the data-publishing interface to access or transfer metadata among the Connectors and Extenders you develop and the eCopy-developed or third-party-developed Connectors.

The eCopy ShareScan SDK provides a wealth of tools to get your Connectors and Extenders up and running in weeks rather than months. The product includes:

  • NET libraries accessible from C#, C++ and VB.
  • Visual Studio Wizard to quickly set up your project and begin coding.
  • Universal Copier UI Forms Designer - a GUI development tool that enables you to create one form and deploy on Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, and Xerox copiers and MFPs.
  • Localization glossary tool.
  • Device Simulator for rapid prototyping and testing on your development machine without a device.
  • ConnectorData publishing.
  • Samples and documentation, including the Getting Started Guide, UI Style Guide, and Online Help Reference, as well as six Connector samples: Mail, Fax, Database, Folder Explorer, HelloWorld, and Stub (for advanced users).
  • eCopy ShareScan core components, including eCopy ShareScan Services Manager, eCopy ShareScan Administration Console, and Windows client for simulation of embedded and eCopy ScanStation™ interfaces.
  • SDK program members have access to the SDK Web site which contains additional SDK tools and information, 24x7.

A Fully Featured SDK for Rapid Development

  • Configurable, custom button on eCopy touch screen - Requires no knowledge of scanning hardware or image processing. Connector Wizard generates samples with all the necessary images, data, and help files, as well as basic functionality 
  • Flexible User Interface - Drop-down lists, soft keyboard input, system generated fields, etc., enable for easy input of additional document related information/metadata. 
  • eCopy ShareScan Framework - Scanning and file creation for PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, JPG, CPY. Administration for managing the Connector. You can also develop Connectors without a copier or scanner. 
  • eCopy ShareScan Services –Take advantage of File Services (Encryption, Security, Text Search, File Format, Document Name, Blank Page Removal, Bates Numbering, Batching, Document Tracking). 
  • Cost Recovery- ID services; Image Services (such as despeckle, deskew, page removal, and blank-page separation); and Data Publishing Services (including barcode processing, zonal OCR, forms recognition, and data extraction).
  • Device Independence - Compatible with all eCopy-enabled copiers and scanners. 
  • Industry Standard Windows-Based Toolkit (.NET, C#, VB, C++, COM) – Provides ease of integration. No additional scanning SDK required. Development time is faster. 
  • Visual Forms Designer – Use a GUI development tool that supports multiple client formats and generates the forms (XML). 
  • Connector Wizard - Enables developers to build one Connector to run on multiple devices.
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eCopy ShareScan SDK

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