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VoCon Hybrid

Embedded Speech Recognition

VoCon Hybrid v4.4 from Nuance is a unique combined SDK for embedded and connected speech recognition applications. This feature-rich development suite provides superior functionality, unmatched accuracy and high performance for a variety of applications that benefit from speech control. VoCon Hybrid delivers a new level of speaker independent and continuous speech recognition and is a major landmark in the evolution from speech recognition to language understanding. 

The complete VoCon product family has delivered the power of speech to automotive, accessibility, industrial and consumer electronics solutions for over 10 years. Built on the core technologies of VoCon Speech Signal Enhancement (SSE), VoCon embedded speech recognition and Dragon Mobile applications, the VoCon product family delivers state-of-the-art speech processing and speech recognition solutions. When the VoCon product family is combined with Vocalizer's text-to-speech product range, the result is a complete speech dialog solution.

VoCon Hybrid is available in two variants which are fully compatible with the same programming interface.

1.  VoCon Hybrid - Base SDK. Provides Nuance's state-of-the-art VoCon technology for embedded speech recognition and voice barge-in.  This is recommended for embedded only applications with no requirement for connected speech recognition while having the flexibility to add connected speech recognition later.

2.  VoCon Hybrid - Connected SDK. Provides access to Nuance's Dragon connected speech services in the network in addition to state-of-the-art VoCon technology for embedded speech recognition and voice barge-in.  Connected services are available through the NDEV community powered by Dragon.

Platform support:

  • VoCon Hybrid SDK v4.4 supports the Windows XP & Windows 7 operating systems.  The software interface in the Windows SDK is identical to the interface once ported to an embedded platform allowing code built on the PC to be reused on the platform.   Support for Android, iPhone, Ubuntu (PC&ARM) is also available.  Contact your Nuance representative for more details.
  • WinCE support continues to be available for embedded speech recognition with the VoCon 3200 v4.2 product. Support for other embedded platforms is provided upon request through Nuance's Professional Services team which has extensive experience in porting VoCon technologies to a wide range of embedded platforms.
  • Total hybrid solution
    Full range of embedded and connected speech recognition services from embedded digit recognition to connected dictation and complex search functionality.
  • Scalable, modular architecture
    Supports a range of operating points resulting in optimized RAM requirements.
  • Large vocabulary support
    Enables embedded recognition for large lists (up to 500,000 items) and unlimited connected dictation and search capabilities.
  • Superior accuracy
    Recognizes natural conversational input across a wide range of noise environments.
  • Barge in
    Talk over barge-in using VoCon SSE allows user to speak over spoken dialog prompts and be recognized.
  • Large related list support
    Enables recognition from combined large lists recognizing only valid combinations.
  • Language recognition
    Semantic classification extracts the meaning after spoken words are recognized.
  • Natural language understanding (NLU)
    Recognizes natural speech, eliminating restriction to pre-defined commands for all VoCon Hybrid languages.
  • Global language support
    Worldwide support for over 25 languages provides universal functionality.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)
    Includes sample applications and all tools required to build speech recognition applications.


VoCon® Hybrid Engine

Exceptional recognition accuracy tuned for noisy automotive environments to deliver a superior user experience and high acceptance rates across a wide variety of in-vehicle systems and applications.Continuous improvements of the speech algorithms ensure highest accuracy standards even for large and complex tasks.


VoCon® Hybrid Software Development Kit

Adds speech recognition functionality to any application. Includes VoCon® Hybrid speech recognition engine, a robust set of development tools, guides, and sample code that allow developers to build a high-quality speech-enabled application with optimum speed and efficiency.


VoCon® Music Premium Add-On

This is the newest addition to the VoCon product family and an add-on to VoCon Hybrid that enables state-of-the-art speech recognition in the music domain. This new offering is the result of Nuance's partnership with Gracenote and it provides the capability to retrieve precompiled and editorially checked phonetics for artist and album names from regularly updated dictionaries. In addition to the primary names, alternative and/or nicknames are provided for some names. VoCon Music Premium speeds up phonetics retrieval when compiling contexts for music title retrieval, increases model coverage for nicknames and alternative names and improves performance metrics compared to automatically generated solutions. These accurate and flexible input possibilities result in a great user experience. 









VoCon Hybrid

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