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Text Input Solutions

Communicate Safer and More Comfortably While Driving

Nuance has a full range of products making text input more comfortable and safer for car drivers. Our flagship product T9 is shipped in approximately 300 million mobile phones and is now also available for in-car applications and portable navigation devices.


  • Predictive text input for any form factor
  • Improved prediction
  • A few key strokes are sufficient to enter a word
T9 Nav
  • Makes it easier to search for information
  • Enables the car driver to find anything on the device or automotive platform instantly from music to phone contacts to menu functions
  • Just type in the first few letters and your information appears


T9 Trace

  • A faster and easier way to input text with one continuous finger or stylus motion across the screen keyboard
  • Simply trace a path: words and sentences are generated by roughly aiming to pass through the letters of the word
  • No need to be accurate, enabling very rapid text entry
  • Compelling and fun touch experience

T9 Write

  • Handwriting recognition
  • Enter information with the top of your finger in a very intuitive way
  • Supports both finger and stylus interaction
  • Supports natural character writing styles
  • Offers on-top writing: user can write characters on top of each other, essential for small screens
  • Combine with XT9 for better results



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