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PowerScribe 360 for VA Hospitals


PowerScribe 360 offers VA radiologists a leap forward in speech recognition technology with unmatched speed, accuracy, and control. PowerScribe 360's integrated productivity tools allow radiologists working in a VA setting to create and turn around diagnostic imaging interpretations faster than ever before. By providing more than just dictation and report creation, PowerScribe 360  takes radiology speech recognition reporting to the next level as the new industry standard for report creation, multi-site workflow, data capture, and communication.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces costs and increases referring physician satisfaction. 
  • Eliminates manual processes; automates workflow.
  • Reduces report Turnaround Time (TAT) from hours to minutes.
  • Enhances VA radiologist productivity wit user-customizable workflows and dictation options.
  • Improves care through better clinical documentation.

Key Features:

  • Dragon® Medical 10 Speech Recognition: Using speech recognition technology that is widely used throughout the VA network, PowerScribe 360 is more accurate than ever before. New regional accent support (Australian, British, Indian, Asian, Spanish, Southern and Northern US) and advanced adaptation techniques translates to better accuracy and less editing with PowerScribe 360.
  • Customizable Workflow for Every VA User: PowerScribe 360 has robust workflows that map to the specific VA users’ daily routine, including: radiologists, fellows, residents, technologists, transcriptionists, front-desk users, administrators, and more.
  • Custom Data Capture: PowerScribe 360’s built-in access to a configurable data entry tool allows VA users - radiologists, technologists, nurses, and administrators - to capture information when it is needed most. This configurable feature of the platform can be used to document VA-defined data capture and support various workflow requirements.
  • DIACAP Certified: PowerScribe (version 5.0) has been approved by the DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) and has been certified and accredited against the DoD-wide standard set of activities, general tasks and management structure.


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