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Veriphy for VA Hospitals

New Features

Customizable Criteria for Defining Critical Tests in the VA Setting – Veriphy can now analyze order information based on VA facility defined rules to flag critical tests (i.e. stroke protocol) that must be communicated to the patient's caregiver each time a particular order is placed. The critical test rules defined by the facility can include multiple variations and combinations of order parameters, which allow the facility to be inclusive of all high-priority tests requiring 100 percent communication. In addition, Veriphy provides statistical and compliance reporting to show documentation for the full-lifecycle of a critical test, including the communication to the patient's caregiver.

Mobile Message Retrieval Enhancements – Via the receipt of a text (SMS) message, with one-click, clinicians can easily access the Veriphy system, listen to their critical messages and confirm receipt of the message.

Improved Search and Viewing Capability – Veriphy messages can now be searched and viewed in accordance with various clinical and administrative inquiry needs, including by patient last name, medical record or test number, open messages, delivered messages, etc.

New Interface Tools – Veriohy offers several interface enhancements, including customizable drop-down menus, audio control for easy message recording, screen minimization tool, encrypted passwords and many other new capabilities, including:

  • One step process to create a report and initiate Veriphy notification and tracking.
  • Actively notifies the ordering clinician via mobile phone, pager, fax, or e-mail that a critical test result is pending.
  • Provides automatic tracking of messages; indicates the severity of the finding; continues to send notifications until the message is received by someone responsible for patient care.
  • Alerts the sender when a message has or has not been picked up.
  • Automatic backup notices sent to secondary contacts after a time threshold; verifies that the message was received, by whom and when.
  • Simple voice command interface enables the ordering clinician to respond or read-back results.
  • Stores all voice messages in a searchable archive for years.
  • Provides a web-based interface with enhanced features to view all data including detailed reports on all
    communications. Includes comprehensive clinician directory.
  • Message monitoring and intervention available 24/7.
  • Automates compliance with Joint Commission, ACR and CAP guidelines.


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