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Document Client Interactions While Minimizing Compliance Risk

More and more financial advisors and brokers/dealers are struggling to keep up with the amount of paperwork they must complete on a regular basis. But Dragon provides a fast, efficient and cost-effective solution for creating the documentation required to meet ever-expanding compliance requirements. Investment advisors can easily capture the detailed information needed to minimize risk of litigation and improve service to investors – just by talking. The speed, accuracy, and ease of use of today’s speech recognition systems deliver an efficient alternative to traditional approaches for document creation and information capture. Simply put, most people can talk faster than they can type. Speech recognition enables investment advisors to input notes and create electronic documents at speeds of up to 160 words per minute — three times faster than typing. Dragon streamlines time-consuming data input and other administrative tasks by serving as a third input option to complement traditional keyboard entry and mouse clicks. Busy investment advisors can significantly boost productivity by entering notes and creating documentation and correspondence faster. That way, they can spend more time on revenue-making activities like prospecting, client meetings, investment research, and transactions.

You Talk and It Types
With speech recognition, investment advisors can turn their voices into text with up to 99% accuracy using virtually any Windows-based application — including Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Outlook®, and popular contact management systems like Salesforce, ACT!, Siebel, and Goldmine. The transcribed text appears on the screen three times faster than most people type, dramatically speeding the creation of meeting notes, confirmations, and emails.

Get More Done in Less Time
Each financial services organization, and even the individuals within each organization, use speech recognition for different purposes depending on their responsibilities, workflow, preferences, and the applications they use as part of their jobs. Speech recognition users include investment advisors, account managers, client service associates, compliance professionals, transcriptionists, assistants and other support staff as well as mobile professionals and people with disabilities. They use the software to make it faster and easier to enter meeting notes into their CRM; create and format documents such as agreements, newsletters, and client correspondence; manage email; streamline the transcription process for larger firms with support staff; and automate repetitive or multi-step tasks using simple voice commands like “save, print and send document” or “insert signature” for increased efficiency.

Navigate Applications by Voice
Dragon enables users to command and control the computer desktop by voice. Users simply speak standard commands that prompt the computer to perform an action. Many applications can be more effective and easier to use when deployed in conjunction with Dragon. Searches, queries, and form-filling are all faster to perform by voice than by keyboarding. Document management, document assembly/automation, and CRM software programs are all highly conducive to control by speech. Tasks such as text and data entry can be completed by voice in most of the programs without any customization.

Manage Email
Since managing email takes up an increasing amount of everyone’s workday, speech recognition software can be used to create, navigate, send, and respond to email by voice using popular programs like Microsoft Outlook® or Lotus Notes. What’s more, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional contains text-to-speech technology that allows users to have the software read text aloud, which enables them to complete other tasks while listening to their email or documents.

Consolidate Multi-Step Processes Into a Single Voice Command
Repetitive tasks, such as CRM text entry, can be significantly accelerated by using speech. In many cases, users who are unfamiliar with complex software programs are more comfortable “telling” the computer what to do rather than trying to master the interface. Macros can be created to enable users to go from field to field by voice, or to perform a sequence of keystrokes or mouse movements. Macros can yield productivity benefits for even the fastest typists because they reduce time-consuming, multi-step tasks to a simple voice command.

Increase Productivity on the Go
Since investment advisors spend a significant amount at prospect and client meetings — whether at their office, the inves¬tor’s home, or over lunch or dinner — Dragon offers an option to capture meeting notes from anywhere, at any time using a digital voice recorder. Immediately following a meeting, an advisor can dictate notes into any Nuance-certified handheld device for automatic transcription when they connect to their PC back at home or at the office.

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In our work with financial advisors and brokers/dealers, we have found more and more people struggling to keep up with the amount of paperwork they must complete on a regular basis…No wonder advisors are spending time on compliance issues. 
-Katherine Vessenes, President, Vestment Advisors, Inc.

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