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Manage caseworker documentation by voice

Reduce the time it takes to complete case-related paperwork and spend more time successfully serving children, youth, and families.

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Speed through documentation
Fast dictation and high recognition accuracy that continually improves as it adapts to your voice.

Dictate anytime, anywhere
Integrate with the separate, cloud-based Dragon Anywhere for Android and iOS mobile devices, and dictate and edit documents wherever your job takes you.

Short-cut repetitive tasks
Define simple voice commands to short-cut repetitive processes, speed up document creation, and boost your productivity.

Boost efficiency
Add customized words for accurate recognition of the industry terms, acronyms or personal preferences you use very day.

Featured webinar

Learn how to create case notes quickly and accurately.

Why attend this webinar?

  • See how to create documents quickly and accurately
  • Learn how to increase the efficiency of existing workflow processes
  • Find out how to dictate notes directly into SACWIS or other case note systems
  • Improve productivity and customer service

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Dragon success stories

Delaware Division of Family Services

Delaware Division of Family Services

Delaware DFS needed a way to help caseworkers speed documentation turnaround so they could spend more time in the field helping children and families. Dragon has cut the time it takes caseworkers to enter their case notes by up to 75 percent. In addition, using a digital voice recorder for dictating notes in the field allows caseworkers to boost productivity – even when they're simply traveling to appointments or waiting in court.

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Youth Villages

Youth Villages

Youth Villages, a private non-profit, is dedicated to helping children and their families live successfully. Youth Villages' 1,600 counselors and support staff help more than 11,000 children each year from 50 locations across the US. Dragon enables counselors to dictate notes into a digital voice recorder while on the road and then automatically transcribe those notes to their office PC. Time studies have shown that Dragon reduced family counselors' paperwork time by as much as 55% over typing.

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