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Paper, Forms, & PDF Solutions
Engineered for Efficiency

With so many people and companies involved in a typical construction project, collaboration – especially over large distances – can be a major challenge. Communication, particularly with numerous construction documents, contracts, bids, blueprints, renderings, invoices, and more, is a critical part of the construction workflow. Bid management, customer relationship management (CRM), construction management, and insurance certificate and contract management initiatives, processes, and systems all bring added levels of complexity to the challenges as well.

Nuance’s line of document scanning, distribution, and management solutions help you achieve exceptional value, including significant cost savings, security, traceability, and productivity improvements throughout the project.

  • Digitize and organize your paper records
  • Eliminate offsite record storage
  • Secure sensitive documents
  • Integrate with bid management, CRM, construction management, and insurance certificate and contract management systems and processes
  • Create PDF files from any document
  • Convert PDF files in editable Microsoft Word documents
  • Eliminate retyping of information

What Nuance Imaging Solutions Bring to Construction Firms

Security - Increase the security of your documents with encryption, secure storage, user authentication, redaction, and the ability to track access and changes to documents.
Disaster Recovery - Strengthen your business-continuity strategy by ensuring all documents are digitized and archived off-site in event of a disaster.
Compliance - Improve your compliance posture by storing and linking documents and transaction records. Maintain archive integrity and prevent unauthorized access.
Lean and Green - Reduce your environmental footprint by cutting your usage of paper – while lowering your costs and improving information accessibility.

Streamlining Key Document Processes For Construction

Faster Bid Preparation:

  • PaperPort can create editable text making it faster and easier for you to prepare and submit a bid.
  • Collaborate more easily over long distances with Scan and Mail functionality. Uploading scanned documents to collaboration Web sites.
  • Easily compile, store, and distribute documents for reference online as the project is implemented.
  • PaperPort makes the bidding process faster and less expensive with a complete audit trail.

Change Management:

  • Capture and file document changes electronically for accurate billing and record keeping - from any location with network or Internet access.

Regulatory Documents:

  • Convert paper documents for easy filing and distribution.
  • Index scanned documents – right at the copier - for searching and retrieving.
  • Use flexible security options to adhere to company standards.
  • Slash overnight shipments and courier costs.
  • Ensure complete audit trail of access and changes.


What used to be a three-day lead time has been reduced to three hours. 
-Birse Civils, Ltd.
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