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Enhance the
educational experience

Help students maximize their learning potential —
simply by speaking.

Watch the Dragon Education Webinar
In this webinar see how the shift from paper to digital creates enormous opportunities, enabling students to express themselves simply by talking, and educators to communicate more efficiently. Fill out the form below to gain access.

Help your students maximize their learning potential

Turn frustration into accomplishment. Dragon can read back transcribed text to ensure that the material is truly what the user intended to say. Students can also use Dragon to read aloud other text such as homework instructions or incoming email.

Eliminate the barrier of typing. Simply speak and the words appear on the computer screen transcribing up to 160 words a minute. Or use simple voice commands to conduct research. Simply say "Search Wikipedia for George Washington Carver.”

Work faster and smarter. Dragon makes writing papers easier and faster – it allows dictation up to 160 words per minute, and even does the spelling for you.

Manage communication more effectively. Send email and IMs to collaborate on group or classroom projects — entirely by voice. Compose and send emails to colleagues, administrators, parents and students

Quickly and easily prepare lesson plans. Dictate three times faster than typing — with up to 99% accuracy. Prepare lesson plans, syllabi, reading lists, worksheets, and more faster than ever before.

Provide more detailed assessments. Provide more detailed feedback when assessing student work — from papers through research projects to tests — with unprecedented speed and ease, simply by speaking.

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