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Meet AneedA: A Nuance and Collaboration for the New i.amPULS Smart Band Wearable Device

An Intelligent Personal Assistant that Takes Wearables to the Next Level

San Francisco and Burlington, MA – October 15, 2014 – Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) was on stage today with, entrepreneur and founder of™, a company that specializes in products at the intersection of technology and fashion, at Dreamforce 2014 in San Francisco to introduce AneedA to the world. AneedA is the virtual personality and the soul of the i.amPULS (aka PULS), an intelligent personal assistant at the center of the sleek yet powerful new smart band wearable device from that fuses high fashion and design with hi-tech.

Nuance tightly collaborated with the team on the creation of AneedA for the PULS smart band wearable device to create a virtual personal assistant that embodies’s unique vision for the future. AneedA can also be used with all of the top apps and services on the PULS such as Facebook and Twitter.

“What makes AneedA so compelling is the way in which she was designed. She is an integral part of the PULS experience, from the tasks she’s able to carry out to her overall personality,” said Michael Thompson, executive vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile. “’s vision for wearable technology is inspiring and gives us the ability to do what we do best – create a customized personal assistant experience that transforms the way we look at wearable technology and mobile devices.”

AneedA was designed to be a simple, accessible and capable digital assistant, and is unlike any other personal assistant experience currently available for wearable devices. From the moment you engage the PULS, AneedA is listening and on point to deliver, whether taking dictation for messages to send a text, playing the perfect song, posting to Facebook, scheduling appointments, making calls, and more. Conversational in nature, AneedA showcases what’s possible for the next generation of voice-enabled personal assistants that embrace voice, language understanding, cognition and overall persona.

“PULS represents my passion for, and my mission to marry design and advanced technology – to create a new breed of wearable device that leapfrogs what is currently on the market. Working with Nuance, we designed AneedA from the ground up, taking her from an innovative concept to a reality. You speak, she listens. You ask, she delivers. You need something, AneedA’s ready. With you at all times and incredibly capable – AneedA is the perfect virtual personal assistant,” said, founder of and creator of i.amPULS.

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