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Nuance Lights Up Las Vegas with Intelligent Systems at 2014 Consumer Electronics Show

Nuance Creates a More Human Conversation with Technology with its Latest Innovations for PCs, Wearable Devices, Connected Homes and Cars, and More

LAS VEGAS AND BURLINGTON, Mass. – January 7, 2014 – Nuance Communications, Inc. will showcase the next generation of intelligent systems for phones, PCs, wearable devices, TVs, the connected car and mobile applications at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. Nuance’s voice, touch, natural language and personal assistant experiences will be on display through a variety of customers and partners at CES 2014 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Leveraging its powerful cloud services, Nuance creates limitless possibilities for engagement with a number of consumer electronics and the ecosystems to which these devices are connected, optimizing and customizing each and every experience regardless of platform or form factor. Nuance is creating next-generation intelligent systems with its portfolio of voice, touch, and natural language understanding technologies that transform a device, app or service into one that can hear, understand, adapt to and even predict your needs and preferences.

At CES, Nuance is unveiling entirely new applications of its voice and touch technologies for wearable devices, as well as showcasing the convenience, simplicity and personalization made possible with voice biometrics for mobile phones, smart TVs and mobile apps from some of the world’s leading brands – all tapping into the powerful Nuance Cloud Services platform.

Intelligent Systems You Can Wear

Nuance is pioneering next generation interfaces for wearable computing, combining conversational personal assistants and mini-keyboards into a new wearable portfolio that powers intuitive and meaningful engagement with these new form factors. Nuance announced today that its successful Dragon Mobile Assistant app for Android is now customized for wearable devices, and will be demonstrated on Omate’s TrueSmart Android smartwatch at CES 2014. Nuance’s Swype keyboard has also been optimized for the wearable device, with its continuous touch and predictive text capabilities formatted for smaller screens.

Intelligent Systems Reinventing the PC

Even from the early days of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Nuance has focused on transforming the way we engage our PCs through voice. And together with Intel, Nuance has reimagined the personal assistant experience for the PC with Dragon Assistant. Here at CES 2014, Nuance is starting a whole new conversation with its next generation of its Dragon Assistant for Intel® RealSense™ technology that delivers powerful contextual dialogue capabilities and natural language understanding. In other words, you can talk to your PC as you would a personal assistant to access favorite websites and applications, and get content from more than 170 content providers.

Intelligent Systems That Know Who You Are

Nuance voice technologies have long recognized what you say and what you mean – and through the power of Nuance’s voice biometrics platform, devices, apps and services now know who you are. Authenticating a user through a unique voiceprint, Nuance voice biometrics are being integrated as part of Nuance’s Dragon TV platform for Smart TVs and second-screen applications, as well as smartphones to create an incredibly convenient, personalized and secure experience. Whether unlocking a phone, pulling up customized content on the TV, or making the login process easier for hands-free mobile banking, Nuance’s voice biometrics technology uses a person’s unique voiceprint for effortless authentication to create a more engaging, personalized experience.

Intelligent Systems Behind the Wheel

In a world of connected devices, consumers increasingly expect access to apps, content and mobile services behind the wheel. As such, automakers globally are designing next-generation connected cars that keep drivers connected to relevant content, but without increasing driver distraction. Nuance’s Dragon Drive is central to that experience, providing automakers with access to voice, content, applications and connectivity services all in one platform – totally customizable and optimized specifically for the in-car environment.

At CES 2014, Nuance's Dragon Drive can also be experienced inside Chrysler Group's Exhibit, #301 in North Hall. Visitors can view the updated Chrysler UConnect system and see how users launch their personal Pandora, iHeartRadio, Slacker Radio or Aha accounts, listen to incoming text messages using Nuance's text-to-speech capabilities and dictate a response back, use their voice to search Yelp, find and navigate to the most popular places to eat, shop, drink, relax and play in the area. Kia Motors’ next-generation connected car prototype is also on display at CES powered by Nuance, showcasing Kia’s vision for an in-car assistant experience that gives hands-free, eyes-free access to music, content, navigation, weather apps, and much more. Finally, QNX Software Systems will showcase the power of Nuance voice recognition in a new technology concept car based on a Mercedes CLA45 AMG.

“We live in a world where we generally expect to have natural and conversational interactions with our devices – intuitive at all times,” said Michael Thompson, executive vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile. “By creating an incredibly customizable and adaptable portfolio of voice, touch, and natural language understanding technologies – powered by the cloud – Nuance is enabling the world’s best and most innovative companies to bring the human element of technology to fruition through a world of intelligent systems.”

All Nuance announcements and supporting collateral can be found at our CES 2014 Digital Press Kit. To connect with Nuance at CES 2014, contact Molly Kelley at or Rebecca Paquette at

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